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The World of Sabbih

Drawn from a true story, The World Of Sabbih traces Sabbih's path as she conquers challenges to chase her dreams, revealing how a single act of kindness can truly transform someone's life.

Main Characters

A True Story On The Power Of Education And Generosity.

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Sabbih is a remarkable 11-year-old girl hailing from the picturesque village of Paje in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Her character is a vivid reflection of ambition, determination, and a fierce passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Sabbih's journey begins in the humble surroundings of Paje, but her aspirations stretch far beyond its serene landscapes.





Muhamed is a 20-year-old Zanzibari native who plays a vital role in the lives of his family and the community of Paje. He leads a multifaceted life as both a dedicated fisherman and a cherished tourist guide, showcasing his strong work ethic, responsibility, and an unwavering commitment to his loved ones.



Abu is a highly respected and wise 46-year-old Zanzibari man who calls the tranquil village of Paje his home. Born and raised in Paje, he has a deep connection to the land, the sea, and the traditions of his community. Abu's laid-back demeanor and profound wisdom make him a pillar of strength and stability within his family.

Fatima is a remarkable 43-year-old Zanzibari woman whose vibrant spirit and unwavering dedication serve as the cornerstone of her family's well-being. Born in the bustling capital of Zanzibar, Stone Town, she embarked on a life journey filled with resilience and determination when she followed her husband, Abu, to the tranquil village of Paje in Zanzibar.



Kabili, whose name means "brave,honest" in Swahili, is a groundbreaking creation by Sabbih, representing the convergence of her passion for robotics and DIY projects. This remarkable robot emerged as a pivotal figure in Sabbih's journey, shaping her destiny and garnering international attention.

Readers Reviews

Reading 'The World of Sabbih' was an eye-opener for me. The short story provided an impactful narrative, showcasing another beautiful face of Africa that is often overlooked


Toronto - Canada

My son thoroughly enjoyed 'The World of Sabbih.' The engaging storyline and accompanying illustrations perfectly captured his imagination, making it a delightful reading experience


London - Canada

As an adult reader, 'The World of Sabbih' sparked my curiosity to explore Zanzibar. The vivid descriptions and rich storytelling made me want to delve deeper into the culture and beauty of this enchanting place.

New York - USA

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