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French Robotics Workshop: Unleashing Creativity in Toronto

What is robotics? Robotics is divided into two types: those without programming and those with programming, like Python. TNSe had the honor of collaborating with the organization CICA (Centre for African Identity and Culture), a non-profit organization established in September 2018, offering services aimed at helping children and youth become aware of the identity, values, and culture of Afro-descendant individuals. We collaborated to offer an introductory robotics workshop.

Bridging Sabbih's Journey: A STEM Workshop Tale Inspired by the true story of The World of Sabbih, a STEM book that follows Sabbih's journey from a DIY enthusiast to a robotics engineer, this French Robotics Workshop aims to provide children aged 8 to 14 with a hands-on experience. Bridging the gap between Sabbih's narrative in Zanzibar and the children's experiences in Ontario, participants immerse themselves in Sabbih's shoes and embark on a similar journey.

The Art of DIY Robotics: Fostering Creativity DIY proves beneficial for children as it combines various elements of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in an engaging manner. Embodying Sabbih's character from the book, participants delve into the creative world of robotics while honing problem-solving skills and fostering critical thinking abilities essential for future innovators.

Guided DIY Robotics: Navigating the Workshop

The workshop begins with introductory sessions, followed by step-by-step DIY videos created by TNSE to guide participants in building their robots. With assistance from dedicated mentors, such as Aicha and Rebecca, participants use their phones or tablets to follow instructions, ensuring an interactive and engaging learning experience.

TNSE Robotics Workshop: Voices of Children, Echoes of Success

Despite the challenges of building a robotics project from scratch, some children were able to complete their robots during the 2-hour workshop, bringing smiles to our faces at TNSE. For those who couldn't finish, they were encouraged to complete their robots at home. The workshop is tailored for children between 8 and 14 years old, curious about DIY projects and robotics.

Children expressed the need for more DIY projects and felt they learned a lot during the workshop. These workshops not only promote self-expression but also contribute to cognitive development, motor skills, and a sense of achievement. If you are an organization or school interested in booking a workshop, please contact us. *the French article here, enjoy :)

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